Ecological Solutions



The technique of using living plants to clean soil, air and/or water after contamination.  

Green Infrastructure


Anything from rain gardens, bio-swales, green roofs and more.

Wetland Mitigation


Restoring, creating or enhancing of wetlands for the purpose of compensating for unavoidable impacts to wetlands at another location. 

Conservation Planning


Providing conservation technical assistance to private landowners, engineers, landscape architects, urban planners and other organizations.

Site Vegetation Monitoring


Collection and analysis of repeated observations or measurements to evaluate changes in condition and progress toward meeting a management objective.

Forestry & TSI


Forest inventory, analysis, & tree preservation planning as well as timber stand improvements (TSI). 

Additional Ecological Services

Custom Native Seed Mixes

We offer site-specific native seed mixes for a wide range of purposes, including installation & stewardship services.

Call an Ecologist

DJM provides site-specific plan reviews and consultations.  


Plug, container, B&B, and bare root plantings are offered. 

Erosion Control

Water is the most powerful force on earth and given enough time, can carry away soils, plants, and more. We specialize in slope stabilization and erosion control. 

Prescribed Fire

Controlled burns are an effective and useful habitat management practice that benefits wildlife, plant communities, soils and more. 

Invasive Species Control

Invasive species spread quickly and outcompete native plants for resources, decimating ecosystems.  We fight the good fight against invasive species! 

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