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Admiral Trost Park Wetland Development

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The Admiral Trost Wetland Development project began in 2018, with the city of Columbia, IL’s desire to transform a turf grass field near the Mississippi River into a wetland. Following a significant amount of earthwork, construction, and plant installation, continued stewardship has helped the area develop into a functioning ecosystem as well as a scenic park.

Construction Figures (2018-2019):
― Temporary construction entrance – 12” RCP, 150 tons of rip rap. ― 16,360 cubic yardsof earth moved
― 5,000 linear feet silt fence
― 18 tons of rip rap, 18 tons of #8 stone
― 32,600 lbs of bentonite clay
― 220 linear feet of various pipe and inline flow control structure
― 311 tons of limestone ledge rock to construct ledgestone spillway
― Two pedestrian bridges with boulder walls and headers
― 105 cubic yards Meramec blend river cobble in dry creek beds
― 3,061 wetland plugs, (601) 1-gallon wetland shrubs, (165) 3-gallon trees
― 103,813 square feet of native seed installation, 2,086 square yards of sod
― Three years of establishment maintenance 2019-2021